The Swallowed Sun

Missing Elves and Ancient History


After escorting the dwarves safely to the edge of their underground realm, the heroes set out for the return to Keflavik. With the chill air of the mountains indicating winter was just around the corner, the heroes were eager to get back to their home. They were equally eager to be rid of the dark book they discovered in the strange cult shrine.

Once back in town, they consulted with Mogroith, who withdrew with Adara and Tarmo to study it and cast auguries to determine the best course of action. They surmised the book was not something that could be destroyed by normal means, so the village elders decided it should be taken by one of the fishing boats to the deepest spot known to the local sailors, and cast into the sea, sealed in a cask covered with warning marks and warded by Mogroith.

Concerned about the increasing darkness in the forest, Mogroith made contact with an acquaintance named Fjolnir, a sage with extensive knowledge of the occult. He arrived to consult with the elders, bearing more grim tidings. The elven patrol encountered by the heroes during their search for the black dog had gone missing, in the vicinity of an old human ruin to the southwest, deeper in the forest than any from Keflavik had gone in decades. Suspecting some connection between the rise of the draugr and the disappearing elves, the elders dispatched the heroes once again to investigate.

The most efficient route involved a trek south to the village of Findon, where they could follow the small river known as The Wash until they reached the ruined keep. After a good night’s sleep in their own beds, the group set out in the morning on the day-long walk to Findon.



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