Allifreya ("Ydrion")

Elven enchantress of Ellowen


Allifreya is an elven enchantress, originally of Tir Tairngire but presently residing in Ellowen. She is stunningly beautiful and appears much younger than her power would suggest, though it is difficult to ascertain age among the elves.

She is knowledgeable about all manner of magical artifacts and enchantment, and is capable of creating and enchanting items herself. She has been helping the party identify any unusual items they find during their adventures, in exchange for first pick of any books they might find on their travels.

Allifreya prefers to work through charmed emissaries where she can, and spends most of her time in magical dwellings conjured by her spells for her own safety. Having opposed Beaumont from his arrival in Ellowen, she is high on his wanted list, though he knows nothing more about the mysterious sage “Ydrion” (Allifreya’s alias in the city) than the name.

Allifreya ("Ydrion")

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