Fjolnir the Watchful

Strange old sage


Fjolnir is a human sage of middle years, hawk-faced and most often wearing an unsettling robe covered with embroidery that looks like eyes. He is well-known to Mogroith, and while the elders of Keflavik seem to know of him, his origin and home are both unknown to any of them. He appears in the area rarely (and speaks even less often), but his words seem to carry a significant amount of weight to both Mogroith and the other elders.

It was Fjolnir that brought word to the humans when Eldrin and his band of elven scouts went missing. He was consulted again when the elders held a council to determine how to proceed with meeting the increasing wildness and weirdness of the north. He provided the heroes with a sealed letter of introduction for another sage in Ellowen by the name of “Ydrion.”

Fjolnir the Watchful

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