Maros Beaumont

Self-proclaimed "Lord Marshal" of Ellowen


Beaumont is the leader of a group of foreign mercenaries hired by Lord Fitzhugh, the High Councilor of Ellowen, some years ago. He was tasked with eliminating opposition and consolidating rule of Ellowen under the High Councilor. Once all of Fitzhugh’s opposition was eliminated or sent into hiding, Beaumont, realizing he had little use for his employer, arranged the death of the High Councilor and seized power himself.

Beaumont is backed by significant military might (both his own mercenaries and locals that have sworn fealty). He holds absolute sway over the Town Watch, and compels obedience of local merchants under the threat of extortion in the form of increased taxes.

Beaumont heraldry:

Azure, a ram rampant sustaining a serpent staff, tip enflamed argent.


Maros Beaumont

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