The Swallowed Sun

Bigger On the Inside


After the group’s discussions with Thrasek, they agreed that remaining in the city long-term was risky — at least until they better understood the complex political situation in Ellowen. Kyr and Ulfberht were confident that there were ample resources in the woods across the river to support them if needed.

The following evening, another blank-faced citizen came to the group and said that Ydrion was prepared to meet them, if only they would follow. Fearing another ambush, the northerners cautiously followed the messenger through twisting alleys to what appeared to be a dead end, until a doorway appeared shining in the stone wall. After a moment’s perplexed investigation, the group passed through the doorway into an immaculate, gleaming entry hall that could not possibly be there.

A beautiful elven woman descended a staircase into the foyer and introduced herself as the sage Ydrion, confessing that this was merely one of several aliases. Instructing the group to call her Allifreya, she gave them more information about the political situation in Ellowen. Allifreya promised them she was working to put them in touch with Coucilor Andreas, who has gone deep underground in an effort to avoid persecution (and prosecution) by the self-styled Lord Marshall Beaumont. To aid them in gathering information inside the city, she provided Gustavus with a pack containing theatrical disguise gear.

Following their meeting with Allifreya, there was much debate about the group’s best course of action, with some adamantly against getting drawn further into the political intrigues of Ellowen or trusting these various contacts and others equally insistent on continuing the mission as it was given to them by the Keflavik elder council. Eventually they decided to set up a place in the woods to hold their meeting with Andreas, and to make their stay in the area a little more comfortable without spending too much time within Ellowen’s walls.

Adara communicated with local fauna, finding an abandoned stone cabin in disrepair, a few miles deep into the woods across the river. Adara, Kyr, Ulfberht, Tarmo opted to remain in the woods, preparing the cabin to accommodate the party, setting traps and alarms around the perimeter. Argvidr, Marsk, and Gustavus went back to town to wait on contact from Andreas.



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