Bolg Mor

Giant, occasional pirate king, master of Poll Dubh Doracha


The Bolg Mor is a fathach — a giant. Solitary and surprisingly intelligent (given his somewhat brutish appearance, he has made his home in the Poll Dubh Doracha for years. He came to the fortress after having been enchanted by a wizard, and was forced to clear the previous residents out. The wizard killed the leader of these men in order to claim the cauldron of plenty, but the cauldron’s curse freed the Bolg Mor to exact his revenge on the wizard.

After a visit from the northern adventurers, the Bolg Mor traded them the cauldron in exchange for leadership of the river pirates, and spent the winter months terrorizing Beaumont’s ships and aiding the resistance. As spring approached, the Bolg Mor packed up his loot and returned to his home in the Tiglas Mountains.

Bolg Mor

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