Ned "Tiny" Edolah

Owner/proprietor of The Shattered Shillelagh


Ned Edolah, known by most as “Tiny”, is the owner and proprietor of The Shattered Shillelagh, a dockside alehouse and boarding house in Ellowen. While he serves a rowdy clientele, few will dare cross Ned, as the splintered oaken club mounted on the wall over the bar attests to his ability to deal with troublemakers (he keeps an unbroken one under the bar).

When the Keflavik crew first arrived in Ellowen, Ned set them up with rooms and helped them conduct some basic trade with the dwarven smith Gravrock to get on their feet. Unfortunately, a quartet of assassins attempted to kill the heroes while they slept under Ned’s roof. While the matter was dealt with quickly (and discretely), the village heroes opted to relocate to another inn nearby to prevent future attacks.


Ned "Tiny" Edolah

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