The Swallowed Sun

A Battle with History


Arriving in Caermor, the party began investigating the disappearances, starting with the cottage of an itinerant artist named Albee, largely regarded as the culprit. He and the missing girl Gwendolyn vanished the same night, and villagers found a bloody painter’s smock left behind at the cottage. The group looked around and found little else — a few drawings of Gwendolyn and art supplies. Adara assumed animal form to investigate the smock, and concluded that the blood was likely not human.

The party met with another group of adventurers that were conducting their own inquiries into the disappearance. The leader of the group, Lane the Archer, advised the party that the locals seemed unusually tight-lipped and suspicious of outsiders. The party’s own inquiries in town bore out this observation, until a note was subtly passed to them at the tavern. The group met with Lara, wife of the innkeep MacHeath, privately. She shared suspicions about some sort of local conspiracy, including a fear that her husband might be implicated. The group had little other success in their investigations, so Marsk turned to a hunchbacked old woman in the tavern to have his fortune told. Mother Gloam, as she is known locally, warned him of a dangerous woman that might oppose his prosperity.

Some of the party decided to take the long walk up the hill outside of town to the standing stones that gave the village its name. Investigating the weathered dwarven inscriptions, they learned that this was the site of some doomed final stand between evil dwarves and an army of humans and elves. The dwarven leader struck some deal with an entity named “Cador,” but was still defeated. Reporting back to the rest of the group, the party decided that everyone should return that evening, as some rumors in town said strange lights could be seen flickering on the hilltop late at night. Sure enough, in the dead of night, a ghostly dwarven figure clad in ancient armor appeared and attacked. After defeating him, the group investigated and found dwarven bones and a shield crushed beneath a fallen lintel stone. The group claimed the shield, and Tarmo consecrated and buried the bones.



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