The Swallowed Sun

Trouble in Caermor


Having liberated Andreas’ lieutenants, the group decided the next step was to recruit the river pirates to aid the cause of the resistance. Despite the violence of their previous encounter with the pirates, the group believed some mutually beneficial arrangement could be made. The group made their way cautiously along the shore downstream. Half a day to the east, they encountered the pirates’ sentries, and made it clear they didn’t want to fight.

Despite the reservations of the pirates (and the significant casualties inflicted by Gustavus in their first encounter), diplomacy won them over. The price of peace and cooperation was sufficient funds to acquire a rowboat to replace the one Gustavus destroyed, as well as replacement lines and netting for their blockade. In exchange, they would focus heavily on ships loyal to Beaumont, and provide a cut of any taken provisions to the resistance upriver.

Returning to the camp, Thrasek shared a lead he’d picked up from a traveling merchant. Upriver a few days, the small community of Caermor has been recently plagued by attacks on livestock, culminating with the disappearance of a village girl. With no delay, the group headed upriver to Caermor, circling the moors. Other than an encounter with some toads of unusual size, the trip was an uneventful few days.



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