(pronounced mend-vee-KOR-eorn)

Mindvikorjorn (old Futhark for “the place of joining together”) is a newly-established town at the former site of the village of Findon. Residents of Keflavik and Crimond joined with the people of Findon to establish a more defensible home against the increasing troubles of the far north. The adventurers returned after their winter in Ellowen, bringing supplies, defenders, and a few additional families to add to the new town. Now, the place is home to just over 1,000 people (including outlying farms).

Surrounded by a wooden palisade with watchtowers at the corners of the town, this is a town on the lookout for trouble. Creatures from the forest, goblins from the mountains, and the looming threat of trouble from Beaumont has the place on edge, but in a strange sort of solidarity that only a siege mentality can bring.

Important People

  • Mogroith — Elder druid that tends the circle (aspen) outside of the village
  • Aelfwin — Old hunter, "retired"…his knowledge of the forests is second to none in the village. De facto ‘leader’ of the village, but defers to Aegrulf on matters of the fishing fleet and the sea.
  • Aegrulf — Old sailor. Called “Klampi” by his friends, signifying the peg-leg he carries from his days at sea. Brother of Aelfwin.
  • Belger — Priest of Odin. Old, blinded in one eye (ritualistic), keeps raven
  • Tamson — old matriarch of the village. No children of her own. Pellar and midwife. Makes charms and potions to ward off evil spirits from crops and livestock. The villagers are all circumspect but respectful of her. Mogroith holds her in high regard.


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