Weapons and Armor

The world of The Swallowed Sun is less technologically advanced than the “default” assumptions of a standard D&D game. For the most part, technology is analogous to that of medieval Earth’s 8th to 10th century. As such, some weapons and armor technology is either unavailable, or at least completely unknown to the denizens of the region. As the campaign progresses, these lists may be expanded.


Simple Melee Weapons
Club, dagger, greatclub, handaxe, javelin, mace, quarterstaff, sickle, spear

Simple Ranged Weapons
Light crossbow, dart, shortbow, sling

Martial Melee Weapons
Battleaxe, longsword, shortsword, warhammer

Martial Ranged Weapons



Light Armor
Padded, leather, studded leather

Medium Armor
Hide, chain shirt, scale mail

Heavy Armor
Ring mail, chain mail

Weapons and Armor

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